Bektra eco-friendly odor control services and products.

 We are thrilled to offer and use Bektra eco-friendly odor eliminating products. We can attack and eliminate odors using one, two or all three of these solutions. We offer the bin balls as an add on service or for our customers to purchase and have on hand to apply. We provide equipment and servicing of Bio-Key and Vapor-Tech solutions. 

Bin Balls

 Bektra Bin Balls are industry-unique granular spheres that offer Triple Action Performance:

  • Canadian-made spheres infused with Bektra's proven Odor-Key neutralizing technology for instant results. 
  • Proprietary scent release formula that activates on contact with liquids
  • Effective absorption of odor causing liquids without clumping. Unlike conventional clay products that are not only heavy and become greasy, or hard as brick to clean up, free-flowing Bin Balls maintain dimensional strength making clean up a breeze.



 This is a service-based product. One of our technicians will attend and apply the product. It is easy to use, safe for pets and humans and doesn't require any rinsing.

We know that most problematic odors afflicting waste handling areas are biological in nature. Bio-Key 830 penetrates soils, oil and grease to tackle the source of the odor. Bio-Key 830 provides immediate odor relief in a pleasant neutralizing foaming spray while dispersing the organic bio-stimulant components to naturally accelerate the digestion of offensive organics and deactivate the odor generating mechanism for long term relief.

  • Triple Action: This product reduces a broad spectrum of malodors by neutralizing existing odor and preventing odor generation while leaving a fresh keynote behind.
  • Safe: Bio-Key contains biodegradable, non-toxic, NPE-free components that are non-hazardous to humans and animals.
  • Easy to Use: As we do not need to rinse this product after applying it continues to work, soaking into cracks, and crevices for a deep penetrating effect.


 This is a service-based product. One of our technicians will attend and install the vapor machine. We attend monthly to service the machine and refill the vapor liquid. They come in small sizes perfect for hallways, bathrooms, small garbage rooms. The larger ones can accommodate larger industrial settings, waste facilities, large garbage rooms, trash chutes and more.