• Commercial Cleaning

    We clean offices, restaurants, industrial settings, airplane hangars and more! The Spotless Samurai can also provide food/medical grade HEPA filter dustless vacuum services. Commercial services can include cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, including sinks, toilets, faucets, light fixtures, and high touchpoints like doorknobs and light switches, dusting of surfaces, vacuuming of carpets as well as sweeping of floors and mopping with a disinfectant.

  • Airbnb Turnover Cleaning

    This service includes deep cleaning of the Airbnb following guests checking out. This is usually completed within a 4–6-hour timeframe to allow next guests to check in the same day preventing our client from having to block out dates. This also includes staging, restocking and laundry drop off services. We can also provide exterior lawn and beach maintenance during turnovers.

  • Move In/Out Cleaning

    Includes deep cleaning of kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. It is detailed to ensure the home/apartment is perfect for upon moving out or in of a property. You can rest assured all you will need to do is move your furniture in, stage your space and enjoy!

  • Exterior Cleaning

    We provide exterior cleaning services to further your spotless experience! Whether you require sweeping of your driveway, exterior window cleaning, soft/high pressure washing, eavestrough cleaning or more, we have you covered.

  • Residential Cleaning

    Includes but is not limited to complete cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms, kitchen, dusting of all surfaces, interior window cleaning, all stainless and glass surfaces cleaned and polished, dusting of baseboards, vacuuming and mopping. We always bring our own equipment and supply all products. We prefer to use natural products that are safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

  • Deep Cleaning

    We also offer this service as a seasonal clean, sometimes all our clients need assistance with is the deeper cleaning as they prefer to maintain their own home. This includes a deeper clean focusing on harder to reach areas. No surface is left untouched. We do offer interior fridge and stove cleaning as well as behind and under fridges/stoves at an additional fee.

  • Post Reno/construction Cleaning

    Contractors are great at providing unique solutions to problems or making our homes beautiful and more comfortable. Unfortunately, with all that work comes a great deal of dust! We come in once your contractors are completed (or a few times depending on the amount of renos) and clean the apartment or home from top to bottom removing all remnants of dust.

  • Eavestrough Cleaning

    We know that having properly functioning eavestrough is essential to maintaining your home foundation and helping to prevent leaks and floods. We provide eaves cleaning services so you can rest assured the water will be diverted properly to help prevent foundation erosion and leaks in your home.

  • Window Cleaning

    What is better than looking out a spotless window and seeing nothing but the beautiful landscape? We provide exterior window cleaning services so you can enjoy your view!

  • Pressure Washing

    We provide exterior pressure washing services to get your home, deck, and docks looking new again! We also provide pressure washing of grease traps and surface washing.

  • Lawn Maintenance

    We provide lawn services in the spring, summer, and fall. This includes but isn’t limited to mowing, trimming, spring cleanup, raking and removal of leaves, weeding, gardening and more!